HTTP links don't go anywhere in Linux and Windows

Clicking on HTTP links in Spark yields nothing on Linux and Windows.

I should refine that. If I happen to have Netscape installed on my Linux box, the link will work. But, since this is 2007, I have only Firefox installed on my Linux box, so I created a symlink in my $PATH called “netscape” that simply points to the Linux Firefox start script.

On Windows I have no idea what a good workaround would be, because it might involved using “dir” and forward-slashes for arguments and other DOSsy things that scare me. Perhaps Spark is looking for Netscape there, too. I haven’t seen Netscape on a Windows box since they stopped making websites that were thirty screens long, chock full of animated GIFs and blinking text, and played MIDI files as they loaded.

What version of spark are you running on each platform? I had an issue with 2.5.5 if I upgraded from a previous version, this did not replicate when upgrading to 2.5.6 for me. A clean install of any version has not had this issue.

This is a clean install of both 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 on Linux and a clean install of 2.5.5 on Windows. Are you saying I should at least try to cleanly install 2.5.6 on Windows?

Are there any plugins that allow for the default browser to be configurable? Or is this a case where Spark just isn’t jibing with the OS’s default browser setting?

I have seen the same bug on linux, I found some code in the org.jivesoftware.spark.util.BrowserLauncher class that has special options for windows and mac, but when it comes to linux it just defaults to netscape explicitly.

I found this in the latest codebase as of 10-29-2007 and the fix that you describe above certainly fixes it for 2.5.7

Can we change it to default to firefox or even better make it a configurable option?