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I already read previous threads on openfire clustering.

Is below streps correct for doing clustering of openfire server?

  1. install openfire on all nodes, and go to http://localhost:9090/system-clustering.jsp and enable clusetering.

  2. all nodes will be pointing to same external database

no need to install enterprise plugin anymore right? coz enterperise.jar is no longer found at http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins.jsp

please correct me . i confuse? Do I need to use terracotta…etc? or step 1 and step2 is enough?

cometta wrote:

I already read previous threads on openfire clustering.

So, you have probably read that clustering is not available anymore? Enterpise version is gone, so the clustering is gone too. Clustering was based on the commercial closed source code. Openfire was made fully open source, but clustering cant be open sourced, so it is not available anymore. Unless you are a legal Enterprise version owner. Then you should contact JiveSoftware. On this site noone can answer clustering question. Some folks are doing some work on the open sourced clustering solution, but it is still in pre-alpha stage i think.