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Http proxy support?

Can Jive Messenger 1.0.8 be used through a http proxy? I’'m using the Exodus client, and the reply I got back from posting to their mailing list was:

"Your server would need to support JEP-25 in order for you to use the HTTP polling stuff. I don’'t think the Jive server has this functionality …

"Otherwise, you MAY be able to use the HTTP CONNECT trick (it needs to be supported by your proxy). In order to try this, goto Tools | Options and configure the HTTP proxy appropriate for your network. Then goto the

Login dialog, and click the details button. Select the “Proxy” tab, and select HTTP."

I’‘m still learning how the Jabber architecture fits together, so I admit that I don’‘t follow all of that reply. If anyone can enlighten me, I’'d appreciate it.


Messenger does not support HTTP proxying at this time. It hasn’‘t been a highly requested feature so it’‘s not currently on our roadmap. In Jabber (a.k.a. the IETF XMPP protocol), clients connect to the server over a connection that lasts for as long as you’'re “online”. HTTP on the other hand uses polling to periodically check if there are new messages on the server and is usually supported only so that people can get past firewalls setup to block anything other than HTTP.

We instead recommend that you speak with your IT department (or tweak your firewall settings if you’'re the admin) and have them open up the Jabber/XMPP port (5222 normally and 5223 for secure connections). If the IT department refuses, they must not want you using an IM server. Tunnelling through HTTP would then just be breaking the rules.