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HTTP Status 404

I just installed openfire, then I used the command line and installed openfire as a service in windows. Now I run openfire, and click Launch Admin and I get a screen that says:

HTTP Status 404 -/index.html

type Status report

message /index.html

description The requested resource (/index.html) is not available

Apache Tomcat/4.1.37-LE-jdk1.4

Any ideas?

Did it work as a stadalone launcher not as a service? It says jdk1.4. I may be wrong, but maybe it’s not compatible with 1.4 java.

Actually I did just figure this out. It was because there was Symantec Endpoint Manager listening on port 9090. So I installed openfire on a different server that had 9090 open and it now works.

Thanks for the reply.