HttpFileUpload Plugin: Update Get and Put file upload rest call

Hi Team,

In chat upload, we want to pass some more params to HttpFileUploadPlugin plugin from open fire.
How can we modify that API.

Also can we update path for same?

Hello! I’m afraid that the plugin does not support this kind of functionality.

@guus where does this API’s(get put of fileupload) of plugin are called? Cant we modify that code?

We are open to do any changes required

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. The source code of the plugin can be found in GitHub - igniterealtime/openfire-httpFileUpload-plugin: Adds XEP-0363 functionality to Openfire that allows compliant clients to exchange files

Much of its functionality is implemented by a library that uses a similar name. You can find the source code of that library here: GitHub - guusdk/httpfileuploadcomponent: A XMPP External Component that implements XEP-0363 'HTTP File Upload'.