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Hybrid - LDAP & Local Users?


I’m looking to Implement Openfire in our enviroment, I plan on intergrating in with Active Directory and Configuring SSO.

However we also have users who do not have a User Account in AD as they login with a Shared User account that is only allowed to login to specifi machines (ex: computer that are for people that directly interact with the public, and generaly are part-time employees) the employees do have emails however they are not on our Exchange server, but on a diffrent system. I will most likely have these employees use the SparkWeb Client. I also do not want to create an user object in AD for these people.

Is it possible to somehowe modify Openfire to allow both local users and LDAP users.

And one Additional Question,

The why I have my OUs setup all the users are not in one OU,









So how would I account for that with Openfire. I would like to just give them access based on User Groups if possible.

You can set your base DN to the root of your domain and set LDAP query to filter only members of specific group:


Thanks, I think that is exactly what I need. I am still having problems though. when I get to the admin acocunt page it says it can’t find the account.

But I will make a new thread for that.