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HybridAuthProvider and LDAP

I want to use Wildfire with users added to the default database, and with LDAP authentication. When a user is not present in the database it should look him up in the LDAP.

I tried to do this with the HybridAuthProvider, using this config:


However, this way only database-users can auth. When I use the LdapUserProvider for user provider, only the LDAP users work. When using no user provider only the database users can auth.

Am I doing something wrong here, or is this configuration simply impossible?


there is an open issue JM-405 and I wonder if you want to do what’‘s described there. I couldn’'t find any documentation about the current implementation.


This is what I want to do yes (except for the “chinese wall”-feature), according to the javadocs it should work like that.

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Ok, so after doing some more debugging it has become clear that UserManager.getUser() is called, and when the user is not found with the registered UserProvider authentication is refused.

So, in order to let HybridAuthProvider work, something like a “HybridUserProvider” should be created too…