Hyperlink for Spark?

Is there any HREF to initiate a chat to a user or room for spark? For example AOL uses something like:


Thank you


Spark should support xmpp:foo@bar


I have been able to have this successfully work for users with xmpp:user@my.server.com but using chatrooms doesn’‘t work – my conference server is conf.my.server.com and using chatroom@conf.my.server.com creates a new tab but the “chat room” appears as a user rather than the chat room that already exists. That is, I don’'t get the side bar with the participant list, just the one-on-one user chat.

I’‘ve tried this using chat rooms that do and don’‘t exist, and neither work. The chat room doesn’'t appear as a user, a chat room, and no users appear in the permanent chat rooms when I try them.

On a similar topic, is there going to be a way to directly initiate voice chat in a similar manner? jingle:user@server or something?

OK guys, thank you. I’'m almost there. I have the href link, in, when I click it opens the spark window.

I then get an IE error Windows cannot find ‘‘xmpp:user@server.name’’. Make sure you types the name correctly, and then try again.

I have a anchor with href="xmpp:user@server.name’’" , of course with valid user and server name.

If I can get IE not to error, i’'ll be there.

Thank you


I don’'t have the rights to write into the registry, you need an xmpp entry in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/xmpp if you are using Windows and want xmpp: to work.

Anyhow the 2.0.7 installer did not complain during installation so I wonder if it did try to add this key.



Thank you, I looked at the registry, and had some leftover stuff from a different client. Once I removed the left over, everything worked.

Thank you much

The chatroom hyperlinks are still not working for us – is there a specific format we need to use or does Spark (2.0.6/2.0.7 tested) not support these yet?