I am getting compilation errors in spak code


This is rajesh.

I downloaded spark source code and tried to compile it with eclipse and ant. the build was successful under the console but there are above 100 errors mostr of them are “The import com.apple cannot be resolved” and Syntax errors like

private final Set ) in above syntax then it is Ok.but

in the same java class i am getting the problem with this code

it is saying syntax problem in below code

for (MainWindowListener listener : listeners) {



how can i write this for loop?

can u give me exact syntax of this code or else

can u give me the complete code which has no compilation errors

and give me details how to run this code in eclipse

(i generated spark.jar,base.jar using build.xml in eclipse but i am not able to run it)

How can I rectify this problems

please help me (This is urgently required)

Thanks a lot.


You need to get JDK1.5 or above.

The is called a Generic.

The for(String blah : blahs) is a for each loop.

These are features that were added in JDK1.5+

You will have to go to Apples developer website to download the apple jar as I have not seen it in the default libs given by sparks source download.

If you have JDK1.5. You will need to tell Eclipse to use it.

In order to run your newly created spark.jar. You will need to use the startup.bat script that gets created and put into


Hope this works and Happy Coding,


can u tell me the exact download link for apple jar. i have searched developer.apple.com but did not find it