I am looking for a Auditing tool for the Openfire 3.7.0

I have tried those that are in the discussion and found that there are alot that are last accessed in 2007 or earlier, some had the .jar files missing, others does not fully support this version.

are there any auditing tools that you are using for this version? i need some help on this. thank you.

What do you mean with auditing tool? Something like Flood/Spamfiltering or something like logging all messages sent?

sorry. let me make it clearer.

i am looking for a tool or plugin that is like logging all messages sent.

this is for the management to review what the users been sending around.

below are the links i found that is suppose to suit my needs but they are either for older version or no longer in existence.



That’s possible through this setting:

http://example.com:9090/audit-policy.jsp (replace example.com with your jabber server hostname ).

I think it’s there without a plugin installed, but correct me if I’m wrong…

Check out the moinitoring plugin of Openfire. It is also archiving the conversations, e.g. for external auditors (think about SOX compliance or anti trust measures). It ist pretty raw, but is doing what you want to: IT gets you the conversation data.

can i have the name of the monitoring plugin? or where to download it?

or it is called monitoring plugin?



Hi Michael

i have enabled the messaging auditing.

when i accessed the logs, i get log files i cant understand. and it doesnt contain anything i of the test text i sent between 2 test clients.

is there any tools that can be used to view the logs in a more proper manner?




With the monitoring plugin (already available on the available plugins in the admin webinterface) you can view them through this URL:


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Monitoring plugin is called “Monitoring Service” and as Michael mentioned you can find it on the Available plugins page in Admin Console.

There is no working tool for reading audit logs currently. You will have to code one yourself. You can use the source of the previously created tool by a community user http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1874 (the source is in the zip file)

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Thank you very much! i think i got what i wanted.

Take a look here