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I can not log in Openfire

Hello friends,

this is my first contact with the tool and I believe that everybody who uses frenquencia can help me with.

The openfire is version 3.7.1 and is installed on a Windows 2003 Server.

From one moment to another, no one else can log in Openfire console.

I included the line ( admin, “Reiven” </ authorizedUsernames>) to try to login, but neither worked.

Looking openfire.xml files I can see a few settings and one of them is the database.

There is some basic testing to validate the operation of the tool?

It is integrated with AD.

In the logs, I can see some old mistakes:

  • Org.jivesoftware.database.DbConnectionManager - Unable to get a connection from the database pool (attempt 1 out of 10).

  • User Login Failed. PLAIN authentication failed for:

Thank you.


I did some testing.

Openfire.xml changed the configuration to use a wrong password was generated and invalid user error. So the service is connecting with SQL.

There is nothing generated some error, just can not connect to the admin console and the user can also not using the spark.

is it any connectivity with LDAP?

In that file is configured to communicate with LDAP?

Thank you.