I can partially use Openfire with JWChat

I can connect to my Openfire 3.3.3 Server using Jwchat (i use the url http://www.jwchat.org). It is working only for my Openfire admin user, if i try to connect to Openfire Server using another user from jwchat, i can not connect, use search or anything. Why the connection only works for my Openfire administrator user?


Check if the user is registered.

Check if you enabled in-band registering, if you try to register with JWChat.

If all else fails, enable debugging in JWChat to see the packet traffic.

I used registered users, i can stablish connections with Pandion, coccinella, spark and other Jabber clients. I`m just trying to stablish a normal connection but it works only for administrator.

How could i enable debugging in Jwchat?

Clarf wrote:

How could i enable debugging in Jwchat?

Set these options to your taste

/* debugging options */
var DEBUG = true; // turn debugging on
var DEBUG_LVL = 4; // debug-level 0..4 (4 = very noisy) var USE_DEBUGJID = false; // if true only DEBUGJID gets the debugger
var DEBUGJID = "admin@localhost"; // which user get's debug messages

in config.js. You can set a debug JID if you already have users connecting (so they don’t get the popup)…