I cannot invite people to conferences

I can’‘t invite users to conferences but they can invite me. We’‘re all using Spark 2.07 and are all connected to the same Wildfire 3.1.1 server being authenticated through active directory. I am the person that set up the server so I can administer the server but I’‘m not sure why I can’‘t invite people to conferences signed in under my name. It just says that they’‘ve been invited but they don’‘t get anything prompted on their screen or any errors or anything. I don’'t get any errors either it just sits there saying that “userb” has been invited and waiting for them to accept.

I was unable to send screenshots while other people could send them to me also but when I cleared the server cache I was then able to send screenshots, which was weird. But clearing the cache now I still can’‘t even invite people to conferences. Very difficult to understand what’'s going on here.

Any theories?

Thank you

Uninstalled/Installed Client again and it works now.