I can't acess my admin page

i got trixbox ce and openfire on it.

first day,everything was ok ,i could connect to other IM,people on internet can log into my system

but now,i can’t access my admin page,also i have try to reinstall,restart,reload openfire

in Chrome : http://myhost:9090,chrome says “no data received”

ps: i got rpm 3.7.0-1.i386.rpm installed

plz help me troubleshooting this problem.Thanks.

have you checked the firewall settings for the server your running off of? it sounds to me like something is blocking that connectino (or port) so start by checking your OS’s firewall… if there is none, its off, or configured correctly then check your networks firewall.

I personally had an issue with the Openfire server program not starting automatically. I would come into the office in the morning and get a similar message about not being able to connect. Turns our OpenFire does not install itself as a Windows Service automatically… you have to do it otherwise you have to manually start it each time. I belive this is the same in Linux

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/install- guide.html

hope this helps

i think the reason is not in firewall.because openfire had worked well before

after few days had stressed,i decided to reinstall trixbox,and up to now it runs well

thanks Jason,and i am sorry for my bad grammar.

hmm… so when you say Trixbox are you refering to the OS or a hardware appliance (prebuilt hardware server with trixbox’s software preinstalled from factory)?

Maybe try your installation on a windows machine? I had OpenFire installed and running in under 5 mintutes on a windows server… but it can also be windows xp or something… its very light on resources from what i’ve observed so i wouldn’t be too worried about that… we have about 30 clients running from one OpenFIre installation with no issues.

If Trixbox is some linux dirto… then my guess would be some software dependency was accidentally removed or not installed… i know OpenFire uses some sort of SQL database and of course it needs a webserver (apache i guess) to display the admin page… perhaps your msising software?

hi Jason and all!

finally i find out my problem.plugin kraken is not compatible with openfire,it causes the problem so i couldn’t log in to my admin page.openfire 3.6.4 and kraken work perfect together.