I can't change the server for spark client

this problem started when the time we change the server ip address and then some of the clies sprak was set auto log in and save password the problem is i can’t change ther server ip from the clien. is there any way to remove cache memory from spark??? or change the server ip address because it was lock cant change the settings…

I’m not sure i have understood your problem correctly. Can you explain it better? So far it looks like you have changed the ip address and your computers still think that server’s name should point to the old ip. Then this is a dns problem in your network and not a Spark fault. You should fix your DNS, or you can open Advanced settings on Spark login screen and unmark automatic host discovery, then put server’s name and new ip there.

theirs no problem with the dns the problem is when i change the server ip address it means that from all client must also change their server ip to be able to connect from the server but the things you cannot change the server ip from the client the spark beacause the user or the client set the settings from tha spark auto connect and remember the password and now you cannot remove the check mark it’s look like i was lock from that settings.

What version of Spark? I think locking of auto-login checkbox was fixed in 2.6.3. You can also delete spark.properties in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Spark and then start Spark. It will lose all settings.

im using 2.6.0 i also try to uninstall the application and reinstall but still the same but any way thanks a lot i will try the way you told me to do.

Probably just upgrading it to 2.6.3 could sove this problem.

Aaron all spark client settings are kept in your users profile. In our environment this location is D:\profiles\username\ApplicationData\Spark I think 2.6.0 will keep it here if not check D:\profiles\username\Spark. You will want to open the spark.properties file. There is an entry autoLoginEnabled=true, you can either set this to false or just remove it. This will stop the Auto login.

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thanks for the help and information. It’s working now what i do is i set **directly **from the advance settings the host and port i manually set the settings and then its working now thanks…