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I can''t get back my VCard after a few hours

hello everyone,

my client post VCard to the wildfire server, and i am unable to

get back my VCard after a few hours.

look at the following info:


I am sure the the VCard has be stored in the Database(MySQL), and i can view them.

if my server is jabber.org, it’'s all right, even though i had post my vcard for a long time.

Message was edited by: monkeyking

Message was edited by: monkeyking

Hey monkeyking,

Could you post any error you have in the error.log? BTW, are you including your avatar in the vCard? What’'s the size of the avatar?


– Gato

Yes, there is a avatar in my vCard.

its size is about 60KB.

I haven’'t a error.log, wildfire reply me a result if i send my test vcard data to the server, for example:


so, I think it’'s all right, no error in my vcard data.

Maybe my avatar is too large. but why the server reply a result packet and i can view the data in my database?

now , i have been post a same size avatar to jabber.org for test.


Spark (I know that you are using Smack) had or still has a problem to display vcards with no-ASCII characters.

Do you see the problem with all vcards or does avatar-only vcards work?


I’‘m a Delphi programmer, I use Exodus’'s core JOPL to develop my client—GTalkie.

my client works well if i use jabber.org.

I posted a vcard include avatar yesterday, now , wildfire can’'t reply any vcard info for me except a sample xml packet: