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I cant insstall jive messenger

I am trying to install jive messenger on the web hosting server. I cant seem to unpack the rpm file and the tar.gz fiile i can unpack the file but # ./messenger start doesn’'t work. please help.

  1. ./messenger start

are you launching this command being in jive messenger /bin dir?

try this:

/opt/jive_messenger/bin/messenger start

/opt/jive_messenger it’'s a full path of my installation, put your path there.

it doesnt start… i installed the tar.gz file, and i copied the database… did i miss out anything in between?

what OS is this web hosting server using? and what do you mean saying “copied database”? What databse are you using? Why are you thinking it is not starting? What do you see after launching …/bin/messenger start ?

have you tried to connect to http://youserver:9090 with browser? Does your server have 9090 and 5222 ports open?

dude thats a lot of technical stuff for a novice like me the OS is Linux and it doesnt say starting messenger after i run the comand., how do i check if the the ports r open or not? if they rn’'t open how do i open them? can you give me a personal email account where i can mail you the login and password for the ssh connection? If that is ok with you ofcorse.

Thank you.

i understand there are too much questions But i cant determine the problem only by “it’'s not starting”

Secondly, hey, you dont know me and you are going to give me a ssh for your server? Hm… i’'m not a script kiddy or something, but you should be more aware about this

Ports maybe blocked by firewall, by router and other stuff. I’'m not a great technician as well. If there is only iptables firewall i think i can manage it.

Well, ssh you say. If you still think you can trust a man you hardly know, you can PM me access info. See above “Private Messages”. I cant promise i fix it, but i’'ll try to look at it.

Hi faiz,

Are you seeing any messages in the log files?



just have taken a quick glance at your server (sorry for a delay). So there IS output after you run ./messenger start:

No suitable Java Virtual Machine could be found on your system.

The version of the JVM must be at least 1.5.

Please define INSTALL4J_JAVA_HOME to point to a suitable JVM.

So, you have to install 1.5.x JVM to be able to launch Jive Messenger. Maybe you can find it here:

https://jsecom15b.sun.com/ECom/EComActionServlet;jsessionid=EAE405236D25A0FE8691 BD12C3BE8F45

or maybe your linux distro have a package for java already prepared.