I cant login after installation procedure

I successfully passed all installation stages (including AD integration and adding AD users as administrator) but after click on “Logon to administrative console” I got returned to first stage of installation process (Language choice). What is wrong ? I looked at logs but nothing suspicious there.



you need to provide much more information.

  1. Server OS
  2. Openfire version
  3. Database type

I am sorry. Of course.

  1. CentOS v5.2

  2. Openfire v3.6.0a

  3. MySQL

Have you:

  • your ID on the server can modify the openfire.xml file
  • your mysql db has a user with full rights to the openfire db

ad. 1What do you mean “your ID” ?

ad. 2 root

The username you have logged into the centOS box or the username running the openfire server must have rights to the openfire.xml file.

So … if the openfire.xml’s owner is root you suggest run web browser and configure as root ?

I am not sure if running web browser as root matters. It does matter what username the openfire server is run as. I wish I could be more specific but I need to consult my manual on how to run openfire in linux. I am a windows house.

You were right. I run Openfire from /etc/init.d/openfire as root and I had to configure as root.