I can't register my JID using the gateway plugin

I’ve installed the gateway plugin and have completed all steps up to step 7 using instructions from “http://blog.toonetown.com/2007/12/10-steps-to-multi-protocol-ichat.html” Whenever I try to register, I get these warnings: “Invalid Username specified for legacy service” or “XMPP user account domain is not on this server”. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

The gateway plugin allows you to connect to legacy services such as AIM, Yahoo etc. To do this with iChat you need an account on your Openfire server first. This is a regular XMPP account (Jabber in iChat). You also need to configure each of your legacy accounts on the openfire server via the gateway plugin admin page. You need to enter your JID for your XMPP account on the Openfire server (i.e. johndoe@chatserver.domain.com). You need to already have existing accounts with the services you wish to connect to. The plugin does not create accounts. Once all your accounts are created you just login to Openfire with ichat.