I Can't see groups and users Spark

Hello everyone
I created a xmpp server on almalinux 9 with openfire 4.7.4. I have enabled ldap authentication.
With the pidgy client I see my Active Directory groups and logged out users. Even though users connect, they have to manually search for me and I have to authorize them to see me online and write to me. With Spark, I don’t directly see my Active Directory departments or users. If I search for them manually if I can write to them after authorizing as with the pidgy client. I have installed the latest version of spark and nothing
Can you help me?

This sounds like you have not yet enabled “contact list sharing” for the groups.

When you configure Openfire to use LDAP or AD, Openfire will obtain the group definitions from that directory, but it won’t automatically populate user’s contact lists with them. For that, you’ll need to go to the Openfire admin console, and enable ‘sharing’ for each of the groups that you want to share. For each group, you can configure on who’s roster the entries will end up.

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In groups, everything is perfect for me. As I say the pidgy client detects the and groups of users, the only problem is that it requires authorization one by one to appear online. Only with spark the AD groups do not appear

Sorry. I had to edit to see what it was telling me. I have already done it and everything is perfect, thank you very much, I am new to openfire and I was lost.

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