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I cant send file attachment


i have a problem in sending of file attachment I used Pidgin as for my Client…

behind a firewall i cannot able to send a file attachment but i can able to send and recieve messages for the chating only…

actually in Local network i can able to recieve and accept messages and file attachment, the only problem is that in outside.

for example: here is my setup or I established:

I established firestarter as my firewall

I have two lan card

one is for Live IP Address and the other is for my local network which is start running in

I also installed DHCP Server in same machine

I used Ubuntu to install Firestarter and DHCP Server

I set to in DHCP conf the range of the IP from -

meaning to say all computers connected in my network this server will give automatically IP address.

to control Internet connection i used firestarter from there i reistricted some IP address that do not allow to have internet connection.

As i said while ago in Local network i can able to accept file attachment and messages…I noticed when i try to send file attachment in outside connection it always give me an error a "You canceled the transfer of PR50590MSDS.pdf" but i didnt do that.

I installed pidgin client in my home i connected in the same server of openfire…


Pidgin-Client (Home) -----------------------> (Live IP: 210.xxx.xxx.xxx)OPenfire Server(Internal (local IP->Pidgin-Client(Work)

  • File Accepted Succesfull

(This scenario 1: if the file attachment came first in outside connection i can able to recieved going to my PC with pidgin client



Pidgin-Client (Home) <----------------------- (Live IP: 210.xxx.xxx.xxx)OPenfire Server(Internal (local IP-<-----------------------Pidgin-Client(Work)

(This scenario 2: if the file attachment came first in internal connection i cannot able to recieved file attachment going to out my Pidgin(Home).

please try to analyze my setup, i think the problem is in the server of my ubuntu with firestarter… but im not sure maybe some ports that do i need to open in outside.