I can''t use plugin i-ball auditor

When I installed Wildfire 3.0.0 to a pc with Windows 2000 Advanced Server and SQL Server 2000, the plugin i-ball auditor can be seen in the Administrator Console and I can see the tables in database.

But when I installed the same edition of Wildfire to a HP DL380 with Windows 2000 Advanced Server and SQL Server 2000 too, i-ball auditor disappeared! Althouht I put it in the directory \wildfire\plugins and the i-ball auditor.jar can be extracted, it still missing.

I don’'t know why, and I hope someone can tell me.


haha, I’'ve got it!

I reinstall Wildfire 2.6.2, and i-ball works well. And then I update it to 3.0.1. To my surprise, it’'s OK!!

But I still need to test whether it works well or not.

It would be great help if someone could find out why the iBall Plugin doesn’‘t work with Wildfire 3.x. But it’‘s good to know that upgrading is a option that works Chat-Logging is an important feature for me and I hope the author of the iBall Plugin (Kurt R. Hoehn ) will continue working on it, allthough it doesn’'t look like it (see post http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=122198&#122198). But I also know that chat and message logging is a main feature of the Wildfire Enterprise Plugin (http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/plugins/enterprise/readme.html).


try this