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I created a MUC but I receive message : "The room is blocked"


When I did create a Multi User Chat. I receive message “The room is blocked”.

I’'m making thus: I created a MUC later I get Configuration of the Form, I set some fields of the form and send. When I did make this, receive the message: “The room is unblocked”. But when I go to join as a user in room. I receive the message: "The room is blocked until confirm the configuration ".

which is the error?


Hey Rachel,

Can you open the Smack debugger and paste the sent and received XML after you have created the room?


– Gato

Hi dombiak_gaston ,

I’'m using o Smack debugger . When I created the room, I received this xml:


…I send o Configuration Form of the room . I received this xml …


… later I receive this xml …

… but when I try to enter with an user .


I received this xml …


I thank the attention.