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I dont see manager.conf or amportal.conf file for Asterisk configuration

Server Setup : Windows 7 x86

Client+Plugin Setup : Windows 7 x86

I have Openfire and Spark setup in my system. I’ve installed Askerisk plugin, but the phone server is not connecting. The error is as follows :

org.asteriskjava.live.ManagerCommunicationException: Unable to login

at org.asteriskjava.live.internal.AsteriskServerImpl.initializeIfNeeded(AsteriskSe rverImpl.java:236)

at org.asteriskjava.live.internal.AsteriskServerImpl.initialize(AsteriskServerImpl .java:217)

at org.asteriskjava.live.DefaultAsteriskServer.initialize(DefaultAsteriskServer.ja va:123)…

How do I know if the server details are correct?

There are many blogs which ask to refer amportal.conf or manager.conf file in etc folder, but I do not see any of these folder/files. Is there something I am missing? How can I see all the active ports and services running on them?

Please let me know your inputs.

I am still waiting for some answer…

I wasnt installing the Asterisk server. Which in turn needs FreePBX installtion.

Surprisingly, no where on the web, complete installation steps are mentioned. Took a while to figure that out.