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I have a problem with 60 simultaneous connections

We try to test performance of OpenFire solution.

Server Core Duo,3Ghz, 2Gb Ram, All connections is at the local network. Openfire version is “2.3.4”

Here http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/openfire/resources/requirements.jsp said that 25 000 connection in time is normal.

We make a room and join there using 60 connections (15 connections from one PC)

One connection was a translator. Uplink was near 1 mB per connection in 5 min.

When here 30 simultaneous connection all is fine in 48 hours. When count of connectios more then 50 - a lot of connection has reset event in 3-5 min

till count of simultaneous will 30.

Same test for 80 connections per room raise disconnections when few chat traffic. At tests used one room only.

How to improve it? or where read how? How much connections can be? Do Openfire allow to deliver huge data to much users in time?

Hi Shalti,

Are you sure you have the version of Openfire correct?

Wild guess, but do you have the room configured to allow ‘unlimited’ occupants? The default is 30.


I just check for version again, here Openfire 3.4.5 (It’s latest version I setup it yesterday over previous)

For the room already set unlimited seats count.