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I have no ideas where to start reading the codes of wildfire

who can give me a suggestion?

And who have any documents about the wildfire?

One good place to start is the XMPPServer class. It’'s the main starting point of the server and should lead you down many interesting paths. All the source code has extensive comments included, but let us know if we can answer any specific questions.



you are so kind, many thanks!

I think I need to learn more about the jabber protocol specification, then, the wildfire server. Am i right?

Yep! It would definitely be good to understand XMPP/Jabber before diving into Wildfire. The book “Instant Messaging in Java” is a good one, although getting older now. I’'m not sure if there are new good ones. Otherwise, jabber.org and xmpp.org are great resources.

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Hey eway .

You must learn to the jabber protocol specification and read “Instant Messaging in Java” book is very nice .



I’'m reading it , pretty good.