I met a problem of install4j

Hello everybody!

A few days ago, I made the installer successfully with install4j (version 4.0.6).Because it’‘s a evaluation version and now I found install4j 3.2 with license key and registered successfully . I’'m sure that the environment has never been changed. When I build spark again ,error info ocuured:

Build failed. Reason: com.exe4j.compiler.CompileException: com.exe4j.compiler.CompileException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: version contains non-numeric characters.

Who can tell me why?

hi love_peace

I have the same problem when i build spark with install4j. Have you resolved the problem?

If you have resolved,please tell me how to do it. Thanks a lot.

Check the ANT build script to see if theres an issue

You should hard code the versions inside of install4j files section. Right now, it’s more configured to work of our continuous build application for beta and final releases.