I need help openfire clients (pidgin) talking to each other

I was able to communicate from openfire server to openfire client - pidgin (broadcast message), but I was not able to talk to another user on pidgin clients.

If anyone can help, I will be very thankful.

Please give more information about your setup. The server and clients are on the same network, LAN? Or maybe someone is outside the network (Internet)? All clients can login normally? What errors do you see in error logs in Openfire or Pidgin (if it hs one).

I have openfire server at the datacenter, and the client(s) are located at my desktop. (I used avantail vpn connection to connect to the datacenter network and used tunnel to open up port 5222). When kkim and test1 users logged in to the pidgin client, I can see kkim and test1 users logged in from the openfire admin server.

But, I cannot see kkim or test1 user as online after I added one of the users to the buddy list.

I added http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/mailto:kkim@bai-qadev-mw1 (It shows offline)

I added http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/mailto:kkim@localhost (It shows offline)

I added kkim (It show Not Authorzied)

I added kkim@localhost/Home (It shows Not Authorized)

I am not familiar with how I need to add the buddies.

If you can clarify, I will be much appreciated.



Are you using two accounts in one pidgin client, or are you launching two pidgin instances? Try adding buddies as username@server_IP (normally should be username@servername), because maybe your server name is not resolvable by your desktop clients. Though it won’t be possible to login to a server in that case. Hard to say right now. Can you try to login from other computer, not just from your desktop?

Thank you so much.

I added the user incorrect. It should be test1@ip_addr or whatever your domain is.