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I need help to integrate XIFF on my FLASH CS4 project

Hello all,

I’ve searched all around the web and i didn’t find any workaround to help me out. I understood XIFF has been designed to work with a Flex Project, btw i’ve already done all my website with flash cs4, so i need to use the xiff library working with my project.

Is this possible to build a .swc file and interact with the XIFF libs inside my cs4 project ? howto ? Are there any samples ?

Thank-you very much

Please apologize my english, it’s not my native language.

PS: can i make a flash commercial website with the xiff plugin ? are there any copyrights problems ?

Hi PamelaJH

You can use XIFF with your Flash CS4 application by compiling the sources in the SWC format and then import it in your Flash environment (ActionScript3 parameters or something like that ?)

As far as I’m concerned, we are using this solution but we have a whole Flex API of our application which includes among other things XIFF. This Flex API is compiled and used in Flash.

Thank-you so much geoMaster to have answered me.

By the way, i’ve successfully compiled the class in a .swc file. . BUT…

What a mess!!! Why sometimes the class is called “igniterealtime” and sometime “jivesofware” ? The samples from the forum correspond to which trunk ? why sometimes the library .swc’s size is 600 K and one trunk later it’s 300 K ? wow… the library looks very great but very (very) messy…

There may be a lot of classes in XIFF but there’s nothing really messy I got the same issue that what you are mentioning. I don’t know if you are using Eclipse (with Flex Builder Plugin) or Flex Builder or what but for me, it was only a cleaning problem. With auto-completion, there were references to jivesoftware and igniterealtime which are respectively packages naming of older versions of XIFF and the newer ones (as well as the trunk).

I was using the previous old version of XIFF where packages were named differently (org.jivesoftware.) and it seems my Eclipse needed time / clean / and I-don’t-know-what to finally succeeded in displaying me only packages that starts with org.igniterealtime.

Hope this helps

Some time ago the the namespace was moved from “com.jivesoftware” to “org.igniterealtime” in order to be more clearly a community project as the company has given the development off to the community.

The size reduction is due to the recent changes in removing the Flex class dependencies, thus making it easier to be used as a plain AS3 project, like Flash CS4.

As it is easier to have the library included as swc file, it is not required and it will be easier to debug if you use the plain source files from the trunk.