I need help with having a user join a MultiUserChat

Can anyone help me with some example code. I have the code written to successfully create a MultiUserChat on request from a user, but once the user creates the muc I can’'t seem to get another user to join the room. I have tried the muc.join(username); method but this does not seem to work. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. The only user I see in the room is the user that created it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



When you say “You have tried the muc.join(username) but this does not seem to work” what exactly do you mean??

1: Your program errors ?

2: The method call works but you do not see anything happen?

My advice would be use another XMPP chat app like Spark or Pandion. Login to one of them and create a new MUC, then in your app attempt to join the room. You should then see yourself appearing in the MUC you created in either Pandion or Spark.