I sign on and then my Spark Window disappears

When I sign on to Spark my IM window with the contacts loads, then disappears. I have no icon in my system tray showing me that Spark is running either. Could I have a process running on my lap top that makes this happen. I do have MSN Messenger on my lap top, but I do not have it running all the time. MSN Messenger only runs when I launch it and I close it when I am done with it, I don’t have it start up automatically. Is there help for me?

When it vanishes does spark.exe still run in the process list?

What version of spark is this?

Have you tried reinstalling it?

Have you got the latest version of Java? or downloaded the Spark with JRE?

Hopefully this should narrow it down a little.

No the exe was not still listed in the processes. and now I get an authenticating and timer and nothing else happens.

Anything in the error log file that may be useful?

I used Windows explorer and found the logs in a folder under Spark. The following lines were in the error log. java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

Exception on commit = java.io.IOException: Can’t find registry file