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I think be used to smack class libraries on developement webclient!

Hello all !

smack class libraries is very good , usage easy !

I am quaere this webclient for jabber , UI layer used JSP + JS , logic layer used

Smack class libraries , be ignorant of doable !

please talk about this subject ! thanks !

I think JWchat and webjabber is no good ,so that I am used smack class library on developement webclient !

I don’'t know ,I should be implement UI layer using java applet or (Jsp + Servlet + JS) , because of java applet UI is not goodliness , but Jsp UI is not easy and not a abled to Control.

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I have recently written a UI in Java that sits on top of the Smack API. I then wrote a simple JNLP file so that the application could be web started. This combination gives you the ultimate control when developing, and also makes it simple for users to download and run your application (not to mention that they can transparently receive updates).

I haven’'t found a decent Java IM client, and I have looked far and wide. I was looking for a combination of professional look and feel (which none I found had) and features (which most all of them had). Thus, I wrote my own!

Let me know if you have other questions.


Thanks for your Kenneth !

I am already join webjabber team , but i think that project is no good ! , because of

UI Layer and communication Layer have a some problem !

I am already with developement jabber client (delphi language) , I think developement again of web jabber client ,

support features:

1、login manage

2、presence manage

3、message manage(chat 、groupchat)

4、add user , del user

I want start time of web client project : 2005/08/25

Feel free to send me an email with your written a web client , thanks

Email : zhuam@uptech.com