I want to intercept all incoming XML stanzas

If I want to intercept all incoming XML stanzas including the from server in addition to the packer parser inside library

will smack library allow me to do that?

Smack allows you to intercept all parsed stanzas. If this is not sufficient for you, then you are most likely using XMPP wrong (e.g. because there is custom information put at wrong places).

this means

if I am doing my own assumptions for an xml content inside an …I may not be getting the stanza callback?

something like mytext

No, that’s not what I said. IQs, as all other stanzas, are extensible. But this doesn’t mean that you can just add a new value for the message type attribute for example. But you can add extension elements to stanzas. And you can have your own IQs.

In your ‘myown’ IQ example you need to have at least a provider for the IQ, and if it’s an IQ request, an IQRequestHandler configured for it, to be able to listen for it. Look at the source how it’s done.

so this means there is a possibility more than 100 provider and handers in future? will it not make the smack-extensions size really big?

why don’t we allow them to capture on their own,

I assume … if someone create their own Custom Debugger by overriding AbstractDebugger.java …then…they actually can capture all incoming and outgoing packets without processing them.

if someone don’t want to include smack-extensions,jar at all in their project…then?