I wanted to upgrade from Openfire 3.9 to 3.10

First I went through the uninstall, then installed 3.10. None of the 3.9 info showed up. I can’t connect to the database and I don’t remember the criteria. Why didn’t this just upgrade my Openfire without destroying my preferences and users? What’s my next step?

It doesn’t normally deletes preferences or database when doing an upgrade (or even uninstall). I suspect the data is still there, but we need more information on the system and what has been done.

What’s the operating system? How did you do the uninstall (default OS option or some special tool)? Do you know what database was in use (embedded or some external one like MySQL)? Your next step most probably would be going through a setup and connecting to the old database, so you would have to find out that “criteria” somehow. Or restore from a backup, if you have one.

It’s running on a Win Server 2012. I have a backup of the Openfire folder in the Program files folder and have restored it. But now the original (saved) login info doesn’t work. If I remember correctly, the uninstall was part of the version 3.10 install and the server had to be booted. I uninstalled version 3.10 via the control panel. I was using the embedded DB.

I re-installed 3.10 and it’s up and running. But… I don’t have any of the users from 3.9

You can try uninstalling 3.10, install 3.9.3 back and then restore from backup.

Of course it had to be something stupid on my part. Openfire had been installed in e:\program files. I installed in c:\openfire. I reinstalled v 3.9 in e:\program files and all is well. I will upgrade to 3.10 later this week. Thank you.