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IAX Devices

Not sure if I should have just replied to this thread: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=103586&#103586

Currently running Asterisk-IM 1.0, and Jive Messenger 2.3. My asterisk version is 1.0.

My problem is exactly the same - I cannot get phone mappings to work with IAX devices. A couple things to note:

  • I have called my IAX devices IAX2/xxx in both Asterisk-IM and extensions.conf (versus IAX/xxx without the “2”)

  • SIP devices/extensions work perfectly with my Asterisk-IM mappings

  • There are NO IAX devices included in the “Phone” dropdown list in the Phone Mappings area, only SIP devices are listed

If I’‘m logged in to Jive, and fire up my IAX client (i’'ve tested on several - Firefly, IDEFISK, etc. with the same results) the only Jive Log that shows anything is the Debug, it shows the following:

2005.12.06 15:44:17 Asterisk-IM: Processing NewState:UP event channel : IAX2/24@24/3 id: 1133916269.12

2005.12.06 15:44:17 Asterisk-IM OnPhoneTask: Could not find device/jid mapping for device IAX2/24@24/3 returning

2005.12.06 15:44:22 Asterisk-IM: Processing HangupEvent channel : IAX2/24@24/3 id: 1133916269.12

Please note, I do not understand the “@24/3” part. Shouldn’'t it at least be "@servername.com" ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Should have checked this first

Regarding the part about IAX devices not being included in the “Phone” device drop-down list, just noticed Issue ‘‘Phone-4’’ http://www.jivesoftware.org/issues/browse/PHONE-4

Thought I’'d also mention a few things:

  • I am using the embedded database

  • Per my previous reply, I understand now why IAX devices are not showing up in the drop down list

  • Per the Asterisk IRC channel, it appears that the naming convention of my IAX device is ‘‘normal’’.

So…those pieces have been answered, but I guess the question still remains - why does my Jive server respond with the following in the Debug log when attempting communication with a user who has an IAX device mapping:

“2005.12.06 19:35:58 Asterisk-IM OnPhoneTask: Could not find device/jid mapping for device IAX2/24@24/6 returning”

I think it’'s worth mentioning that there are other events in the Debug log that seem to suggest that Jive/Asterisk-IM/Asterisk is at least partially working for IAX devices. Here is an example:

“2005.12.06 19:44:15 Asterisk-IM: Processing NewState:UP event channel : IAX2/24@24/6 id: 1133927053.29”

Do I need to manually insert something into my DB to allow it to maintain/create/save the JID <–> IAX device mappings? There is no visible error when I create them, and they do show up at the top of the page in the “Phone Mappings” listing with the other mappings.

I am not sure why it isn’'t finding it yet. what is the exact entry inside the admin tool for the mapping. Asterisk-IM may not be handling the mapping pattern correctly.

Most of my mappings look like so:

SIP/6131, etc.

When they come across during a call af 4 character set of strings preceeded by a hyphen is added to which I parse off so that I can find the channel in the mappings.

When I have some time I will install an IAX soft client and attempt to set my environment in a simliar manner and debug this.

I have created the issue PHONE-41 to track this bug.


My Device mapping in Asterisk-IM looks like this:

Username:test Device:IAX2/24 Extension:24

I tried to keep it as simple as possible.

It’‘s only in the Logs and in the Asterisk console that I see the ‘‘real’’ device name that is being used. In IAX.conf it’'s just “[24]” (without the quotes)

Which at first I thought…“hmmmm…why is Asterisk assigning the ‘’@24/6’’ part? Shouldn’'t it be @<hostname.com> or @?”

The folks I spoke to on #asterisk said that is expected/normal behavior though.

By the way, that last character in my above example - 6 - changes. I think it’'s dynamically assigned by Asterisk or something. Ive seen IAX2/24@24/2, @24/3, @24/6, etc.



I don’'t have a lot experience with IAX devices yet. My guess is the suffix (@24/6) serves a similar purpose to the suffix attached to SIP suffix, meaning it is the actually channel instance versus the channel name.