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IAX softphone plugin?

Has anyone thought about doing an IAX equivalent of the SIP Phone Plugin?

In our offices, everyone has their SIP phone on their desk which is mapped

using AsteriskIM. It’s a great plugin and I really appreciate the work that’s

gone into it (thanks Stefan).

However our company has just as many consultants out on client sites, where

it’s not really practical to lug around a SIP phone and connect back to our

server over the internet.

I’ve been trying out the SIP Phone Plugin, and what I notice is that if I

map a user with a physical phone with the SIP Phone Plugin, Spark then steals

the SIP registration away from the phone and all calls come through to Spark.

Problem is, very few people have headsets in the office, so the call ends up

being rejected and pushed through to voicemail.

I’ve thought about only mapping the consultants out on client sites with the

SIP Phone Plugin, however this becomes quite tedious and repetitive as

consultants often come back into the office to work at a desk with a physical

phone, and the mapping needs to be removed - then added again when they leave.

So what I’d like to see is an IAX version of the SIP Phone Plugin. This

would allow both mappings (AsteriskIM and IAX Phone Plugin) to be set once, and

forgotten. Calls could then be sent through to both SIP and IAX accounts, and depending

on where the user is, the appropriate one could be picked up.

Would other people benefit from such a plugin? And does anyone out there

have the time and expertise to develop said plugin?

Hope that all made sense

You are right, that would be nice.

The problem is that there is no open source plain Java IAX library out there. The only one I know is from Tim Panton available from www.mexuar.net as part of their Corraleta product and there is a wrapper around the native IAX lib but thats more an ugly hack than something usable.

Ah, I see. Well thanks for the reply, and I’ll keep an eye out for Java IAX libraries.

A quick search came up with these:



But neither looks very mature (which is to be expected I guess), and I imagine you would have come across them by now anyway

jiaxclient is the JNI wrapper but njiax looks interesting, thanks for the pointer

Please remember that you need to implement the audio system yourself,

as indicated in the README file.

NJIAX implements signaling and transport only. No audio capture,

players or encoding classes included.

At least its a start^^

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The source code for Correlata SDK is now available under GPLv3:

http://blogs.reucon.com/asterisk-java/2009/01/20/free_implementation_of_iax_in_j ava.html

Hi Stefan,

I am wondering if you have an idea on how to implement the audio for the NJIX IAX client. I notice there are some abstract classes on the audio. i am still trying to figure out how to get the audio datagrams into the mini frames of the IAX protocol stack. any help on this would be most helpfull. thanks

Hi Stefan,

it is me again. I have also check this mexuar site out. i can’t seem to understand the codes and is has an expiry date on it. which i wont be able to use for my degree project. It would be nice if there is any tips on how it was implemented so i can move from there. thanks again.


have a look at http://asterisk-java.org/iax/development/