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Iball configuration and usage


i’‘m looking into iball for recording chat conversations for wildfire 3.1.1 and have it installed in the wildfire plugins/ dir. as i understand, this plug-in writes all conversations to a database. was wondering if there is configuration or database setup required for this plug-in or if it is seamless. i haven’'t found any docs explaining how it gets setup, how to specify a db or what schema it uses. would someone shed some light on this? thanks.

in case this is helpful to others, i found a file with sql statements in the plugins/iball-auditor/databases/ dir and executed it in my external mysql db for wildfire. this adds some tables/entries. then i restarted the server admin app and the iball properties menu became visible in the server tab/server settings section. there i set the plugin to “enabled.”

not yet sure how to view the data being logged but if i figure it out i’'ll post so others know.


did you ever take a look at http://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=158615 ?



i have not seen that screenshot, thanks for pointing it out.

btw thanks to those who have provided the wildfire solution and plugins. they’'re great.


I’‘m not very familiar with with the iBall plugin (have never tried it). However, I’‘d be remiss if I didn’‘t suggest trying out the Wildfire Enterprise plugin. It’‘s archiving feature should far surpass iBall, it includes a lot of other great stuff, and by buying Enterprise, you’'re directly supporting the Open Source project.



thanks for the info matt. right now i’'m evaluating chat, it may not be used. however, i will definitely keep in mind if needs change.

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