IBB file transfer with Spark


I am trying to establish a in-band (xep0047) file transfer using Spark as the clients, and openfire as the server.

There are two tests, one using openfire and one using Tigase.

But how can i force the clients to use IBB as the mechanism for transferring files? Or is this a part of (xep0096) a fallback solution if socks and proxy wont work?


the Spark client should do a fall back to IBB if the other methods fail. So block direct access between both clients and disable the Openfire proxy to force the use of IBB.


Thanx. I’ll see if i can get that to work.

hello guys

am developing an android xmpp client

but am using bytstream for transfering the file

but i want to use ibb so i can be able to save the file on the server and share it with another users ?

can you help with code snept for this part