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iChat (10.6.x), openfire 3.6.4 - VIDEO CHAT


The same question again… Does anyone was able to do videochat between ichat user using an openfire 3.6.4 ?

I have tcpdumped the traffic between a client and the whole destination network (wich include the server and the target ichat IP) and only connection to 5223 ports on the server was seen.

Please if you do succeded at this task, explain simply how you did it.


I am having the same issue. 10.5 client along with a 10.6 client with 3.6.4 of OpenFire. I looks like it’s very close to working. The cameras both activate but the user never gets a message to start the video chat. weird… If anyone has a clue please let me know. Great product (OpenFire) either way.