iChat Migration to OpenFire - Mac OSX

We are looking for an alternative or a way to improve the iChat Server/Jabber installation we run for our development team.

OpenFire looks like it has a lot of great features I especially like the server side ability to admin the Chat rooms. We use the stock installation on Mac OSX 10.6 server and are using a bind to an Apple OpenDirectory server for authenication.

I have a just a few questions.

Is it possible to migrate from an exsisting installation on Mac OSX iChat Server? can we move over all data, account & buddy information.

I noticed LDAP support, will this work seamlessly wih Appleā€™s Open Directory?

What kind of load can it handle? we have over 350 active users and sometimes over 200 users per group chat room, is this possible?

Thanks for any help,