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iChat MSN Transport not working..though psi works


I installed OpenFire 3.4.3 on my os x 4.11, and created my server in name xxxx.local. The second user I’ve created was also named xxxx, so my jid became xxxx@xxxx.local.

Until here everything works fine. I’ve set up my account in psi, it successfully logged in. But it didn’t work, when I tried to add an account to ichat.

the combinations I’ve tried:

jid: xxxx@xxxx.local

server name xxxx.local

jid: xxxx@msn.xxxx.local

server name: xxxx.local

jid: (my original e-mail address with \40)@msn.xxxx.local

server name: xxxx.local

and with %.

What is the wrong thing here? Now I am using jabbim over openfire, it works well, but it does not support file transfers and I don’t know a stable server that supports file transfers.

Also I am so new to these subjects, I am learning slowly, so I need help very much.

Thanks, any help appreciated.