iChat no Video/Voice/Screen Sharing

I’m working with openfire 3.7.0 and I can’t get iChat to iChat voice/video/screen sharing to work. My Openfire server is running on a windows 2008R2 server, and i’m running all OSX 10.6.6-10.6.7 clients. I’m working with iChat version 5.0.3.

The issue is that I can see people on my buddy list and it shows they have all functionality for iChat (it shows in the list of features). If i attempt to start a multimedia session, it shows me that it’s attempting to contact the user, but the receiving user sees no notifications. On the receiving side, while a multimedia session is started, it shows that I no longer support any ichat features other than text IM sometimes until I stop the multimedia request and sometimes it just shows up on it’s own. If the receiving side attempts to start another multimedia session it correctly states that I am busy with a different session. Anyone have any idea? Is there any other information I can provide to help?

No one down to working on this?

Have no idea whether it should work at all, but you can try enabline media proxy on Openfire if peer to peer is failing. Server > Media Services

There are others who have gotten it to work. I’ve tried it with media services enabled and it does the same ting.