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iChat problems


We’'ve been using Wildfire 3.1 to 3.3.1 now and have strange problems with iChat.

Login works, presence support is good, written messages are received. BUT… an iChat user cannot write a message to anyone - crazy stuff.

I’‘ve been trying this with IChat 3.1.6 with and without SSL-connections. The message audit doesn’'t show any packets coming in from the iChat user to the non-iChat one. Other way round all is fine.

Anybody ran across this already? We’‘ve got some Mac-fanatics here who bother me daily on when iChat is gonna work ) I’'m hoping for some tweaked Openfire properties somehow

On a sidenote… We had messages disappearing, too. This is affecting Spark and other clients as well. Just 5 minutes ago a collegue wrote me two lines. First arrived, second didn’'t. Audit log contains this message though.

I searched across the forums and the web for this, but wasn’'t able to find anything




=== Current xmpp.* properties ===

xmpp.audit.active true

xmpp.audit.days 2

xmpp.audit.filesize 10

xmpp.audit.iq false

xmpp.audit.logdir /opt/wildfire/logs

xmpp.audit.logtimeout 120000

xmpp.audit.message true

xmpp.audit.presence false

xmpp.audit.totalsize 1000

xmpp.component.socket.active true

xmpp.muc.history.type number

xmpp.offline.quota 1024000

xmpp.offline.type store

xmpp.session.conflict-limit 0

Tell them to use Adium

Does iChat actually send those messages? You only said that they aren’'t arriving at the other client…

They are in fact using Adium at the moment. They’'re just looking forward to iChat

Well iChat messages apparently don’‘t even arrive at the server. In how far they’‘re really sent there, I don’'t know.

As other Jabber clients work and the corresponding settings tab isn’'t exactly big in iChat (Mac, yay!), I thought the sent messages might differ from what Wildfire expects.

Is there anyone here who works with iChat + Wildfire/Openfire successfully? Would be a nice info for me, meaning that i should try and restart with a clean setup. Would be a shame though as for the rooms etc being lost then

Cya and thanks

We have an all mac office and have all kinds of issues with iChat on wildfire > 3.0.1 which is why I haven’'t been able to upgrade my server (you can find my posts about it by searching ‘‘iChat’’). My plan has been to not worry about iChat on the newer WF builds and just to wait for Spark to become suitable for discerning mac users because iChat is not going to become any better of a jabber client in Tiger (fingers crossed for 10.5).