Ichat unable to voice/video/screensharing

Been searching this forum for a couple hours and this is the closest I came to a resolution:


I AM able to do voice/video/screensharing on my windows spark to spark clients but unable to do anything BUT IM on my ichat clients. My mac users will destroy me if I make them use something other than Ichat. Based on the thread I pasted above, it seems that I should be able to use the native Ichat software, login as user@server and go to town…but like I said I am only able to do an IM chat. What am I missing?

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Buehler? Am I wrong?

Don’t mean to be annoying here but I’m sure someone has to have some idea as to whether the video/voice will work with ichat or not. Thank you.

I was able to find another mac to test on and here’s what I’ve found out. I can do video/voice/screensharing from ichat-ichat and spark to spark but not cross platform. At least I’m getting a little bit further but am not sure where to look next. I knew this was suppose to work and we’re getting there but a little info from the experts would be great.


i am having exacty the same problem, and it is a major pain. did you come any closer to an answer meanwhile?

No answer yet, however this is STILL the closest thing I’ve found to a cross platform IM client. We are considering implementing it in our company dispite the apparent lack of Voice/Video/Screenshare. The IM works across the board and those addl services work PC-PC and mac-mac but not across. I’m thinking it has to do with RTMP or the ports that these services run on but I don’t know how to do anything with that. Kind of stuck.

Hi SG,

I’ve yet to get to the point where I can do iChat Mac <> iChat Mac voice/video/screensharing (VVS). If I initiate a VVS invite from one Mac to another, the receiving Mac doesn’t alert to the incoming connection. Text chatting works normally.

Openfire and the clients are all running on the LAN. I disable the server’s firewall (OS X 10.5) during testing to rule that out. Can you share some of your config to help guide me to getting VVS going? Did you have to install Red5 to get iChat<>iChat working?

The bulk of my setup info is here… LINK


For us, Mac iChat to iChat VVS would be a big step forward. Can you please share what you did to get that far?


Has this ever been resolved? In order to have openfire be accepted by my company the ichat’s built in video conferencing must also work independant of my redfire setup I’ve configured on the windows side.

Running wireshark shows no difference between the jabber requests between the clients when they video chat while connected via AIM or while connected via openfire when I disable encryption on openfire’s im traffic.