Icon changes away online when I open a chat

Good afternoon,

This is the first time I’ve been taking a course on the Spark.

The situation is as follows:

If I place my status as “Away” in Spark, there in the windows task bar (the lower right corner) Spark icon changes to a clock, so far so right. But if I open a conversation window, the icon returns to the icon when I am “Online” but my status remains as “Absent”.

This happens for other types of status as well.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this situation?

I await a return.

This is a known and already filed in the bug tracker issue: https://igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SPARK-1520

But as Spark has no active good java developers currently, there is no fix and can’t say when it will be fixed.


I’m trying to do a debbug the code to try to correct the situation. But so far not succeeded. If you know of any solution, please let me know.

Thanks for the answer!


I solved the problem as follows:

SysTrayPlugin.java class exists in the stopFlashing () method. Inside, I said the first line of code that refers to this code:

trayIcon.setImage (availableIcon.getImage ());

Then, still in SysTrayPlugin.java class I went on stateChanged () method and within the “if” that checks if there is a new message commented the following code:

trayIcon.setImage (availableIcon.getImage ());

May have a better way to fix the problem, but it decided what I need. I hope it helps more people!


I will have a look at this when I get back home (hopefully this week).

I have tried commenting those code lines, but it has some side effects (especially when using typing and new message notifications in the systray). Ideally those lines should use an icon of the current presence mode (instead of just falling back to Available icon). But as i’m not a java programmer, i can’t figure out how to do this. Well, i can put a bunch of if and else in there checking for presence mode and setting the icon, but there is already a function doing this at 231 line, so it would be better to reuse it. Again, don’t know how to do this.