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ICQ: Autoauthorization?


I wanted to discuss a little idea.

There are some problems with the icq-transport recarding registration, authorization and such things.

No, I don’'t whant to discuss how this can be solved faster :stuck_out_tongue:

The icq authorization is based only on the client, several opensource-clients aren’‘t using this authorization-mechanism and provide some kind of autoregistration, you add the contact, and at don’'t even see any hint of the authorizationprocess.

This has changed with jabber, because jabber uses a serverside authoriation, the server doesn’'t give any information as long as the user allows it.

Now to my idea: Why not autoauthorizing the icq-contacts?

Many problems would be gone and the behavior would be the same like with other clients.

Maybe, because not all would want suich a behavior, add an option into the pluginconfiguration wether authorization should be needed or not.

AFAIK the realization should be simple, the plugin manages the roster, it only has to switch the state WAITING_AUTHORIZATION with ONLINE.

So what do you say?