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ICQ - change online status


I’m using openfore 3.4.1 with IM-Gateway 1.2. If I change the online status in the roster (i.e. to NA)

the ICQ-State is not effected of that. So Buddys see me as online in every case. As client I’m using

gajim in the current version. I talked to an gajim developer before and he told me that it’s maybe a bug

in the IM-Gateway. Using other transport like pyICQt works without problems.

I testet the IM-Gateway as well with Miranda and that changed my online state.

I attached the XML output of Gajim and Miranda.

Maybe you can help???

I’m afraid I can’t help but I can say that I’m seeing the same thing and reported it a while back.

Does anyone have the IM Gateway plugin working with ICQ status/presence correctly? (ie. sucess with away, DND,etc)

Give this a shot…

Disable “Enable AIM/ICQ cross chat” in the ICQ gateway settings. Then restart the IM Gateway service.

I just starting trying a bunch of things and that seems to have fixed things here… odd…

Well I spoke too soon, the behaviour is back today. There must be some chain of events that causes ICQ status changes to no longer be sent. Works fine after restarting the IM gateway service but after a period of time I can no longer change status in ICQ to something like “away”. Other services like MSN always update.

Is there anything I should be seeing via debugging (or log files) when status updates are sent to ICQ??

I’d really love to solve this as people see me perpetually online. I swear I saw an ICQ reference to “flapping” or “flapper” in the log somewhere, is there some limitation with status changes??

Any ideas are helpful!!

The problem with the online status is still present in the current IM Gateway.

Another thing I noticed is that ICQ contacts are just displayed as online or away. The Gateway is not able to detect states like “N/A” or “DND” and also doesn’t print the away messages of all users correctly.

Yes… I can trigger this behavior at will by simply abandoning the client Jabber connection and reconnecting from another location. (ie. client dissapears from the network without logging out from the jabber server, and then client re-appears and logs in from a new network location/IP.). At least that’s what does it in my case. Probably not a usage pattern that’s seen much, but I’d love to get it working properly. As it is now I’ve had to ditch the gateway, as everyone sees me online eternally after that disconnect/reconnect.

Let me make sure I’m following you correctly …

Are you remaining online even though you’ve logged out?

Or are you showing as online regardless of whether you are away, dnd, busy, etc.

I’m showing as online regardless of whether I am away, dnd, busy, etc. And I can see my ICQ buddys just as online or away they are never shown as dnd or busy although they are.

If i use an external componet like pyicqt the status change works fine.

Client: Gajim

Well, in my case I have the following senario:

  • Start up the Openfire server fresh and connect with my Jabber client (Nokia N800 or N810 w/ built in XMPP software).

  • Connects fine, I can see all my ICQ contacts properly, and when I make a status change (away, dnd, etc) it updates my ICQ status also.

  • Later the client silently leaves the network (put it in my pocket, head home, wifi connection is lost, but client didn’t “logout” of jabber)

  • Arrive home and the Nokia attaches to the new wifi network and client re-connects to Openfire successfully.

  • I can see all my ICQ contacts fine and message them, etc. However now setting my status to “away”, “dnd”,etc has no effect on my ICQ status. I’m always seen as “online”. However in the Openfire admin I see it listed properly as “away”, “dnd”, etc. (Even for ICQ specifically) The status is still set sucessfully for Jabber and my MSN registration, just not ICQ.

I should note that I do have “xmpp.server.session.idle = -1” as my client doesn’t seem to send any sort of keepalive ping, so I would get disconnected/reconnected repeadly.

While it could be possible that setting that to some interval that’s lower then the time it takes me to get home might fix things, my connection would contantly flap the rest of the day making it pretty ugly. But really, either way, it’s just puzzling why it’s only ICQ status. Jabber and the MSN gateway always report what they are told.

I haven’t been able to track down any debugging to help at this point… I see the MSN changes, but not much is logged for ICQ (oscar?).