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ICQ change protocol

AOL have already change ICQ protocol. When i send messages through IM Gatwey i receved this message:


System Message


The user you are trying to reach cannot be contacted with this version. Download a free authorized ICQ version from ICQ’s official website http://download.icq.com/download/

When new version of gatway will be ready?

Hmm that is weird, because there was a recent change of icq protocol version couple of weeks ago…anyway, i’m also interested in obtaining the new version of gateway.im ASAP.

Confirm this problem.

OpenFire - 3.6.3

IM Gateway - 1.2.4d

When connect to ICQ got message

System Message

The version you are using is not supported by ICQ. Download a free authorized ICQ version from ICQ’s official website**

Can’t confirm that. I’m still chatting with my ICQ contacts and was yesterday. Openfire 3.6.3, IM Gateway 1.2.4d, Spark 2.6.0 Beta 2. What about ICQ gateway settings? Though i dont remember that i had to change them.

Host: login.oscar.aol.com

Port: 5190

Enable AIM/ICQ cross chat (turned on)

I have the same problem… it sends me the same text as at the first post

This trouble affected only for Russian and Ukranian icq users… AOL block unofficial clients from Russian and Ukranian IP’s…

so we still need update IM Gateway plugin to get work icq transport/

please help us :slight_smile:

Yes! I’m Russia.

we have are 200 users IM gateway!


Confirm problem

Confirm problem


Confirm problem

OpenFire 3.6.3

IM Gateway 1.2.4d

I`m from Ukraine

OpenFire 3.6.2

IM Gateway 1.2.4d


Confirm Protocol Change.

all icq clients (like Miranda and qip) dont work in Russia too.

System Message

The version you are using is not supported by ICQ. Download a free authorized ICQ version from ICQ’s official website.

confirm problem for Russia

The same problem.

I’m from Ukraine.

The problem is already obvious, so there is no need to confirm it some many times. As i know newest QIP Infium is already working with those changes. As about IM Gateway, you will have to wait and check this site http://kraken.blathersource.org/ for any updates. As Kraken is supposed to replace IM Gateway. Though, maybe Daniel will release an update of IM Gateway too. I know that he’s aware about this problem. The only thing now is to wait.

But Daniel wrote:

Ok folk, so far it appears that it’s literally something server side on the russian/ukraine/etc ICQ servers that’s causing this. The Pidgin folk are pretty insistent that there’s nothing that can do about it, and that it just needs to be waited out. Considering the -real- ICQ clients can connect, I’m not entirely sure I buy that, but we’ll see. If it’s still going on when I’m done with work I’ll try to test some things with a real ICQ client and see if I can’t come up with a tweak. The problem again is, I can’t reproduce it from here (in the USA) and so I won’t know if my fix accomplishes anything. =/ My only thought at the moment is if there’s some particular person who’s seeing this and is willing to work with me “live” to try some things tonight (tonight my time, no idea what that is across the globe) I can try some patches and run them by you. Let me know. I’m GMT-5. Also my XMPP address is daniel at vorpalcloud.org.

Confirm problem!

We use the OpenFire 3.6.3, IM Gateway 1.2.4d. (200 users)

Please help.

Problem confirmed.


Russia and Ukraine are blocked (blocked only non-standard ICQ clients).

How we can a break an AOL blockade?

Maybe it will be an add PROXY settings for ICQ transport?

It allow us to use a proxy servers OUTSIDE our blocked countries.

Hi, guys. I am from msk. I try to use programs for Socks tunneling like WideCap. It can really help us, but when i setup this program (WideCap) clients can’t connect to server, can’t see how online. I think that I use wrong settings.

If somebody have already warking with this programs, may be u can help to all of us.

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