ICQ: connected from other place, roster is not updated

Dont know who to blame again Spark now shows notifications that you have been logged out of the ICQ server and ICQ gateway icon becomes offline. But my ICQ contacts are in roster still, shown as online (available or away), their status doenst change, if i try to open and close chat with them i get another notification, that i’'m not logged in. But i would be glad if these contacts became offline, not stay online.

Are you connected from two XMPP locations, or two ICQ locations?

I have Spark running with ICQ gateway, then i connect with Miranda to ICQ and it takes ICQ connection over.

So it sounds like, while I am catching the “you have been disconnected from the server” event, it’‘s not clearing your roster like it should, correct? (I’‘ve noticed that I’'m doing a lot of poor things with my roster cleanup mechanisms, definitely some work to do on that front) GATE-211

Yes, it’'s not clearing the roster. Thanks.