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ICQ Contacts get deleted when renaming Group

A friend just registered on my Openfire server using Psi. After he renamed some of the groups in his rooster, all ICQ contacts in these groups were deleted. We could reproduce this issue several times.

Is this a known bug?

Try logging out and back in. Or exiting the program and relaunching it. There is a bug with the users vanshing but not deleting. Genereally they have reappeared once the client application has been cycled. This may be an issue with teh psi client though, as the problem has been narrowed to a bug in the spark client, or so wwe thought.

No. In our case, the contacts were actually deleted. He logged in with the original ICQ client to check his rooster and ~100 of his contacts were gone.

Are there any new groups that psi created they they may have been moved to? It is a long shot, but couldn’t hurt to ask. I know AOL contacts default to Buddies, Yahoo defaults to Friends, I do not know about ICQ.

If you revert the name of the group does that have any affect.

see thread http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/154355#154355

but it’s not complete, the pacth isn’t working with all clients, i’m still investigate that problem.

perhaps i have found a solution to get also the authorization working correctly. it have to test it with more clients. but i seems working.

Out of curiousity, what name did you switch it from and to?

Since Psi is sorting the groups alphabetically and he wanted to sort them in his own way, he added a number to their names.

“Friends” changed to “1 Friends”

“Clan” changed to “2 Clan”

After he logged in again, both groups were there, but empty.

Btw: The WYSIWYG-Editor in these forums really sucks… :confused:

Hey, I can confirm this bug. I had the same problems. After renaming a group with ICQ contacts and restarting my client (Pidgin / Gajim), the renamed group was there but empty. The contacts were really gone. I tested this with an ICQ Client (Miranda IM & ICQ2GO). I had luck, because Pidgin saves a copy of the server-side ICQ contact list, when you connect with the ICQ protocol into your ICQ account. The IM Gateway Plugin is really great, but I think it is important to fix this bug. Thx 4 this plugin. lommy.

notz actually submitting me some patches that I believe will fix this issue.

Of course I’m not sure his fix explains you losing -all- of your contacts.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever tested renaming a group entirely though. I’ll watch it and see what occurs from my end. GATE-330

Seems patch from GATE-330 not works - on 1.1.3a bug exist. Please - test this again!

What client are you using? I’ve tested this many a time and can not get it to cause problems. =/